April 26, 2017

Three Birds Renovations feature TWO klaylifes in their latest project!

When the gals from Three Birds Renovations approached us to light up Lana's Forever Home, we were beyond thrilled. We love everything they do and have been following their transformation projects for years. These girls have style!

Lana envisaged not one, but two clay beaded chandeliers in her shiny new 'Santorini' style family home in Sydney. One coastal themed pendant for her office (which she spends a lot of time in!) and the ultimate statement chandelier for her enormous void, which sits above her dining table and opposite the most beautiful staircase we have ever seen. 

Check out the spectacular pics and for more information on the styles she chose, see below:

Lana's study - klaylife 'Ornate' chandelier (size: medium / colour: seaspray with white belly band)

klaylife clay beaded chandelier statement lighting

klaylife clay beaded chandelier statement lighting pendant ornate

Lana's dining area: klaylife 'Elongated' chandelier (size: XL / colour: white)

klaylife clay beaded chandelier statement lighting pendant elongated

klaylife clay beaded chandelier statement lighting pendant elongated

And make sure you watch the video's too:


August 18, 2016

klaylife jewellery is here!

Introducing klaylife's debut jewellery collection. 

We are so excited to announce the launch of our first jewellery range in collaboration with Australian jewellery designer Elodie Darwish of, élodie jewellery

The partnership sees the hand rolled clay beads that have become synonymous with klaylife lighting combined with Elodie's expressive moulding of metals, love of natural forms and an enduring fascination with the beauty of imperfection.

klaylife x élodie 

The range features 2 styles of necklaces and earrings, incorporating gold plated or sterling silver plated brass in 4 different colour ways.

Each piece is named after one of the ladies from Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa whom has overseen the hand rolled, sun dried, kiln fired and dip dyed beads ensuring no two are the same.

Zola's Earrings + Tembi's Earrings + Nozi’s Necklace + Tahndi’s Necklace 

The range is available to purchase online now and from selected retailers. 



Tahndi - Grey / Gold


Zola's Earrings - Grey / GoldZola's Earrings - Stone / Gold


Nozi - Pale Seaspray / SilverNozi - Charcoal / Gold


Tembi - Pale Seaspray / Silver

August 02, 2016

The Design Files feature klaylife x Moore Concepts

Klaylife X Moore Concepts

by Lucy Feagins, Editor (as featured in The Design Files) 
Thursday 28th July 2016

Klaylife is a Melbourne based business run by Father / Daughter duo Phillip Jones and Kerri Wallace. Together, Kerri and Phillip create a range of incredible clay beaded chandeliers, made by hand in South Africa, where their family is originally from.

This month Klaylife launch an inspired collaboration with Melbourne stylist Jacqui Moore. Injected with a deep grey, teal and blush colour palette, the collection launches today.

We always love to hear stories about family run businesses, and there’s something particularly endearing about a father / daughter collaboration. Klaylife is one such business, run by father / daughter team Phillip Jones and Kerri Wallace, who are originally from South Africa, but who have been Melbourne based since 1989.

Kerri is a super inspiring creative businesswoman, with a background as a radio producer, working with talent such as Hamish and Andy. In 2014, after leaving her radio career, Kerri decided it was time to launch her own creative business. The timing was perfect to join forces with her father, Phillip, who had just retired from a long career running an international food import business.

‘My family emigrated from South Africa in 1989, and I have always wanted to find a way to reconnect with my roots’ Kerri says. ‘I stumbled across these beautiful clay bead chandeliers, and made contact with the woman who started the business in South Africa. Luckily for us, she entrusted us with her baby, and together we developed our first range of chandeliers, launched in Australia in February 2015’.

Klaylife creates a stunning range of handcrafted clay bead chandeliers, all made by hand in South Africa. ‘Each clay bead is hand-rolled, hand-dyed and hand-strung by a beautiful South African community, the majority of whom are women who have been impacted by HIV’ explains Kerri. The enterprise now employs over 65 dedicated women, making a real difference to their local community.

This year, Klaylife releases a brand new range of chandeliers in bold, dramatic hues, through an inspired collaboration with Melbourne stylist Jacqui Moore. Jacqui has been involved with Klaylife since the launch of the brand in 2015. ‘I was thrilled to be asked by Kerri and Phillip to style their launch campaign at the start of 2015… what began as a simple styling job fast became an ongoing conversation about the brand’ Jacqui recalls.

For the Klaylife X Moore Concepts collaboration, Jacqui has injected blush and teal into the range, as well as offering a range of new pendant shapes that can be hung singly or as a cluster of three, five or more. ‘From there it grew into floor lamps and table lamps too…’ Jacqui says ‘in the end we had to hold ourselves back – but that means we have lots of ideas in the bank for the future!’.

The Klaylife x Moore Concepts lighting range starts at $599.00, and launches today.

July 28, 2016

Introducing our first design collaboration

We are so excited to show you our very first lighting design collaboration with interiors stylist Jacqui Moore of Moore Concepts. Jacqui counts Australia’s top interiors magazines and brands among her clients and for a number of years she worked as a creative consultant to Greenhouse Interiors, the country’s leading style and art collective.

The collaboration sees the introduction of vibrant new clay bead colours and modern shapes including spheres and barrels that can be clustered together or suspended as single pendants. Barrel-shaped floor and table lamps are another new addition to the range.

With influences as diverse as Scandi Style and Tribal Luxe, plus a nod to the emerging trend for more dramatic colour palettes, klaylife clay beaded chandeliers can make a bold statement in any environment. The enjoyment of owning one is enriched by the knowledge its very existence has made a positive contribution to a small community in need of a helping hand.

L.I.M - Large - Blush Pink Ombre

Pink velvet ‘Baker’ armchairs from Arthur G Furniture, Grey velvet Claude sofa from Arthur G Furniture, Diane Bergeron coffee table from Arthur G Furniture, Charcoal and black Eva armchair from Globe West, Shaggy cushion on Pink Velvet chair by Cakebread for Fenton & Fenton, Cushions on sofa by Elitis from Seneca Textiles, Pink Gabra rug from Halcyon Lake, Ferm Living hexagon brass vase from Norsu Interiors, By Lassen Kubus brass bowl from Norsu Interiors.

L.I.M - Large - Blush Pink Ombre

Sphere - Teal

Atlas Mountains rug by Halcyon Lake, ‘Lance’ marble dining table by Click On Furniture, ‘Carter’ and ‘Daphne’ velvet dining chairs by Globe West,'Nofi's Garden’ photographic print by Caitlin Mills, Taxidermy peacock from South Pacific Taxidermy.

Sash - Large - Grey with White Belly Band

HKLiving carved wardrobe from House of Orange, Platform bed from House of Orange, ‘Monza’ rug from Halcyon Lake, ‘Majestic Mountain’ photographic print by Caitlin Mills, Icelandic sheepskins by Society of Wanderers

On the bed: Cream chunky cable knit throw from Tribe & Co Living, Grey & white Moroccan wool Pom Pom Blanket from Barefoot Gypsy, Bedlinen by Society of Wanderers, Cushions from Bungalow Trading.

L.I.M - Medium - Teal

‘Diamond’ teal velvet ottoman from Arthur G Furniture, Hans Wegner Flag Halyard chair from Cult Design, Burgundy Icelandic sheepskin from Society of Wanderers, Teal velvet cushions by Elitis from Seneca Textiles, Turquoise and black leopard print wallpaper by Sparkk, Floral Digital print ‘Nymphe’ fabric by Elitis from Seneca Textiles, 'Winter light’ photographic print by Caitlin Mills, Atlas Mountains rug from Halcyon Lake, Sphere teal and black marble side table from Space to Create.

Swish - XL - White

Barrel Floor Lamp - Medium - Ombre

HKLiving white wire dining chairs from House of Orange, HKLiving black and white rugs from House of Orange, All cushions from Raw Décor, Carved timber panel from Raw Décor, Black Malawi arm chair from Raw Décor, Bamileke tables from Raw Décor, Large basket on the wall by Marmoset Found.

White timber four poster bed by House of Orange, Artwork by Carly Williams, Natural Malawi two seater from Raw Décor, Cushion on bench seat from Raw Decor, Large Cowrie shell basket from Raw Décor, Jute ‘Imera’ fabric draped over four-poster by Elitis from Seneca Textiles, Pop & Scott painted Stumpie from Fenton & Fenton, Vintage Moroccan rugs from Halyon Lake, Moroccan wedding blanket on the bed from Barefoot Gypsy, ‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Dust Pink’ pillow cases from Society of Wanderers, Black and white Mud Cloth cushions from Raw Décor, Vintage Moroccan cushions from Barefoot Gypsy.

Oval - Large - Blush Pink

Black and charcoal Eva chair by Globe West, Diamond teal velvet ottoman by Arthur G Furniture, Pink Gabra Rug from Halcyon Lake.


March 14, 2016

Introducing the SWISH ➵ TAKING PRE-ORDERS NOW ➵ 

Our latest design has arrived. Her name is SWISH and she makes quite the statement with her three tiered body and optional beaded tail. 
With each bead hand rolled, dyed, and strung by the ladies of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, this clay beaded chandelier is something we are very proud of. 

Available in three sizes*:
  • MEDIUM - 550mm diameter x 750mm high 
  • LARGE - 650mm diameter x 900mm high 
  • XL - 1m diameter x 1.35m high

* Excluding the optional tail.

Because each bead is hand dyed, we can create the SWISH in any colour you would like. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more. 

February 18, 2016

White Light

Lovers of all things white, we have what you're looking for. Premium, statement lighting at its very finest. 

Whether you're after something large scale and grand, or small and subtle, our range of hand made clay beaded chandeliers come in a variety of colours.

But for those who can't go past the freshness of white, here is a little taste of what we have available right now...

Elongated - XL - White

Sash - Medium - White

LIM - Medium - White

Ornate - XL - White

Twist - Large - White

June 25, 2015

HUSK now stocking klaylife

Exciting news! Our favourite store 'Husk' is now a stockist of klaylife clay beaded chandeliers. Kicking off with their Toorak store in Melbourne, you will start seeing our beaded babies popping up throughout their shops Australia wide. 

If you're in Melbourne and would like to check out our Large Grey 'Elongated' chandelier, head to 557 Malvern Road, Toorak

For a full list of our stockists, click here


April 23, 2015

klaylife production is underway!

What a wonderful few months it has been. 

The response to our little business has been so warm and we appreciate all the beautiful feedback + encouragement we have received. All this love + admiration has been passed onto the amazing team in South Africa and they couldn't be more proud. 

We are pleased to let you know that a new shipment of clay beaded chandeliers is in production, hitting our shores in June. Many of these light fittings are already sold, but we do have some still available for pre-order.

If you are keen to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind, handmade chandelier, please get in touch to check availability as we are selling faster than expected. 

Lots of love,

klaylife x

February 18, 2015

The Interiors Addict feature klaylife



12 years ago, South African artist Merewyn De Heer and her righthand lady, Nozi, started making clay beaded chandeliers in a small rural community in South Africa. The chandeliers were beautiful and soon began increasing in popularity, so Merewyn approached her community centre and started training local women, turning her team of two into 65!

Carrying lights klaylife interiors addict

Hearing about Merewyn’s story, Melbourne-based South African father and daughter duo Phillip Jones and Kerri Wallace immediately took an interest. A huge change of pace for Kerri, who worked as a radio producer for Hamish and Andy and Fifi and Jules, and Phillip, who ran an international food importing business, the three of them decided to form klaylife, an avenue for introducing the chandeliers to the Australia and New Zealand market.

klaylife clay beaded chandeliers lighting Elongated klaylife interiors addict

Made entirely by hand, the chandeliers are quite obviously extraordinary, but more than that, they’re helping a whole community, with many of the local women being affected by HIV. “The majority of the women who create the chandeliers are HIV impacted,” explains Kerri. “They either have it themselves or care for family that do. But it doesn’t define them. Many of the team aren't able to read or write but have now gained an income and have the means to help provide their children with an education.”

klaylife clay beaded chandeliers lighting LIM Vignette klaylife interiors addict klaylife clay beaded chandeliers lighting Teardrop klaylife interiors addict

Not only are the effects of the business on the local community magnificent, the whole chandelier creation process is pretty special! From the initial hand drawn design by Merewyn, to the local ironmonger creating the frame (often with his bare hands!) and finally to the woman making the beads: “Merewyn works with her team (she has taught herself Zulu, the local language) to hand-roll each bead from raw clay,” says Kerri. “Instead of sitting in a cold, lifeless factory, everyone sits outside in the sun talking and singing. Once the beads are rolled and sun-dried, they go into a kiln to fire. They are then dip-dyed by hand. The final step, which is the most intricate, is each bead being masterfully hand strung onto its wire frame.”

Nozi (The Project Manager) Hands klaylife interiors addict

Having successfully mastered lighting design, the team now have their eye on some new projects for 2015. A jewellery and furniture range are currently in the works. It is also our intention to put a program in place to help this beautiful community even more. Right now, the bulk of the team’s earnings go into the schooling, clothing and feeding their children, so if we can help with these costs, 2015 will be a good year!”

February 03, 2015

klaylife™ + Greenhouse Interiors

When we decided to do a shoot in Australia to really demonstrate the beauty of klaylife™ chandeliers, there was only one styling team to call - Greenhouse Interiors

And boy were we happy when the delightful and insanely talented Jacqui Moore answered the phone. Her exact words: 'I have been LUSTING after these chandeliers. I have no time but I need to do this shoot'. 

Fast forward a few weeks and here is the result - what we believe to be absolute perfection. 

A huge thank you to Jess at The Assembly Hall for allowing us to take over her stunning location. 

All images styled by Jacqui Moore for Greenhouse Interiors + photographed by Armelle Habib

Sofa + coffee table from Globe West, Edelgrund Gelim rug from Halcyon Lake

All furniture stylists own

Bed by Globe West

Carl Hansen daybed from Cult Design, Vintage Beni Ourian rug from Halcyon Lake

Hay about a Chair from Cult Design, White Circular Rug from Halcyon Lake

Pink Bentwood Chair, TON dining table + chairs from Relax House, Pink Overdyed Rug from Halcyon Lake, Artwork by MYNE by Prudence Caroline