It's not every day that a client comes to us wanting an XL Twist chandelier in BLACK.

While we adore bold, black lighting, majority of people prefer the crispness and safety of white and neutral colours.

Investing in handmade, high quality statement lighting can feel like a big cost so when it comes to choosing the colour, majority of people want something they have the least chance of getting sick of. After all, this is a light that will likely be lighting the home for a very long time!

So when a lovely client, Mieke Thomas placed the order without batting an eyelid, we were delighted to see the end result, as featured in this months Home Beautiful Magazine.

We cornered Mieke to ask her a few questions about her big, bold decision (and this AMAZING new home she created):

1. Tell us about the inspiration for your new home?
The inspiration for our home was something that grew over many years of building and renovating. I’d previously designed more modern and minimalist homes but it never felt like quite the right fit for our family. The traditional American Hamptons style is something I’ve always admired. It wasn’t until we purchased this particular block of land at the end of a cul de sac and with huge water frontage (with an old home on it) that I found the courage to go for it. To design the Hamptons home I’d been dreaming of for so long!
2. Did you do all the interior design yourself or did you work with a designer? How did you find the process?
For the interior design...I had a clear vision right from the start of what I wanted to achieve. As with the other homes I’ve built, my close friend and talented interior designer Keraney Siganto assisted me. Many nights were spent finding inspiration on Pinterest and I just went with my gut instinct with most design decisions and furniture choices.
I also stuck to my mantra of “more is more”...which I think you can do with this style of home. I was able to be bold and make eclectic choices.
3. What's your favourite part of the house?
My favourite part of the house is the entry....I have such fond memories of the time I spent choosing the marble tiles, designing the layout for the timber fretwork, and of course sourcing our black Klaylife XL Twist chandelier....which had to be matched with an equally amazing black round entry table to anchor the space. Our entry sets the scene for the whole house...classic, welcoming and homely.
4. What was it about klaylife chandeliers that made you choose one as a focal point of your home?
I stumbled across a Klaylife chandelier online and was instantly obsessed! The combination of elegance, style and natural materials was a perfect match for our home. Discovering the incredible story behind the creations...hand made in South Africa...was so heartwarming. They are truly a stunning, special and unique feature.
5. Black is beautiful! Most customers go for white to be safe. What made you go bold and black?
It was always black! Our huge double black gloss entry doors were my first point of design here. This followed with the black balustrade of the staircase. I never second guessed myself that a black chandelier would be the hero of this space. It is absolutely striking against the crisp white walls and ceiling - a white chandelier would have been completely lost in our entry.
Images shot by @elouise_photographer