Luxury handmade clay pendant lights

Our collection of clay pendant lights, lovingly handmade in South Africa and Spain, provide a drop of elegance in every room. Whether you’re looking for ceramic pendant lights, white clay pendant lights or simply a statement pendant light to embellish a beautiful home space, ours are available in sizes small to extra-large.



The perfect centrepiece for every space

Our clay pendants can be found lighting up some of the most gorgeous voids, high ceilings, staircases, kitchen islands, dining tables, bathrooms and foyers around the world.

Handmade pendant lights

Made in South Africa and Southern Spain, klaylife and POTT’s unique lighting range offers some of the most heavenly clay pendant lights in Australia and around the world. Browse our handmade lighting range here in Melbourne or have our statement pendant lights delivered to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, London, California and beyond.