There’s something special about klaylife beads. Perhaps it is the fact that each bead is formed using raw clay local to the small South African community who makes them. Or perhaps it’s the fact the clay is then rolled by hand before being sun-dried, kiln-fired and dip-dyed. Each bead is unique and holds its own story.

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So when the Melbourne based Father/Daughter Duo asked themselves, “what else can we do with our beads other than chandeliers and jewellery?”, the answer was immediate - Wall Hangings.

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Enter Three Queens Interiors - a lifestyle label based on the Mornington Peninsula, founded by artist Elena Martorella. When klaylife approached Elena to see if she’d be interested in incorporating their beads into her handmade pieces, the immediate answer was yes. The synergy was palpable.

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Both brands create unique, hand-made pieces using old craft techniques. Both brands are inspired by texture and aim to bring dimension and personality into any home.

Elena’s belief is, "Things that are handmade can be the most beautiful, because you have a direct connection to a human soul." Klaylife couldn’t agree more.

Three Queens Interiors x klaylife collaboration

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The enjoyment of owning a Three Queens Interiors x klaylife Wall Hanging is enriched by the knowledge its very existence has made a positive contribution to a small community so in need of a helping hand.

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The Range, comprised of 10 X one-off wall hangings, launches Friday 29th September, 2017.

Prices range from $450AUD - $895AUD, with free global shipping.

Products quantities are strictly limited to 1 per design and once sold out, we're sold out.

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