Wall Lamps & Sconces

Handmade ceramic wall lights, lamps & sconces

Meticulously handmade in South Africa, Southern Spain and Australia, our suite of clay wall lights was designed to organically illuminate every room. Whether you’re looking for a ceramic wall light, terracotta wall light or clay wall light, you’ll find a statement sconce in our range to elevate your space. Available in a whole spectrum of colours, including white, black, stone, charcoal, grey, terracotta.

Wall Lamps and Sconces


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Petal Sconce

$914.00 $640.00

Valentine Wall Sconce

$1,015.00 $711.00

Shield Wall Sconce

$521.00 $313.00

Totana Wall Lamp

$670.00 $469.00

Aglow in handmade perfection

Our clay, ceramic and terracotta wall lights can be found adorning walls here in Australia and around the world, providing unique wall lighting and artistic fixtures that are forever coveted.

Handmade wall lamps

Made in South Africa and Southern Spain, our unique lighting range offers some of the most unique bedside and hallway sconces in Australia. Browse our handmade wall lighting range here in Melbourne or have our lamps and sconces delivered to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, London, California and beyond.