Since we can't travel, we have been digitally delving into the homes of our favourite customers, both near + far. Today we jet set to Florida USA where our delightful client Sasha, decided on not one, but two klaylife pendants for her fabulous new beach inspired home.

We had a chat with Sasha to find out more about her style.

1. You're a designer based in Florida but recently completed your own new home. Tell us about your vibe and vision for it?

I wanted to design a space that was both thoughtful and functional for our family of five. However, I was most excited to bring in lots of texture, interesting tiles, fun fixtures and objects that we have collected over the years from our travels. Lots of natural light! That was really important too. My aesthetic leans towards an understated, clean look with neutral tones and lots of plants. And of course, I love the sea.

2. How did you discover klaylife and what made you decide to go with not one, but 2 statement lights?

I happened upon your IG page when I was searching for beaded chandeliers and instantly fell in love. It was an added bonus to find that Klaylife is a socially and ethically conscience company empowering women. I ordered the XL Sash (Stone with grey belly band) first and when I put my hands on those luxe hand rolled clay beads I knew I had to go back for the Romantic Swag. The craftsmanship is exceptional and the fixtures are even more beautiful in person.

3. Tell us about your favourite part of your home and way?

That’s a tough question because it all feels so special. If I had to choose, I’d say our outdoor space. It’s hot in Florida and it’s our summer right now so we spend a tonne of time in the pool and cooking at the outdoor kitchen. It’s like our own little corner of the world.

4. Are you working on any new exciting projects?

I’m currently working on a full redesign and remodel of a house on the ocean here in Florida. It’s going to be really special and I’m excited to share progress photos soon. It will definitely be the home of another Klaylife statement piece!

5. If Covid disappeared tomorrow, where is the first place you would travel to?

Back in March, we had to cancel our Spring Break trip to Hawaii the day before we were scheduled to leave. When covid isn’t in the picture that’s where we're heading!