Thrilled to announce that klaylife is now available in one of our very favourite stores, Fenton + Fenton. Melbourne people, head in store now to check out a variety of styles and colours. Or jump on their website!

Store address: 471 High Street, Prahran, VIC 3181

Here's what they had to say about klaylife....


Introducing Klaylife chandeliers to our Lighting Collection at f&f - unique clay beaded lighting proudly hand crafted by women in South Africa. Each chandelier comes with a handmade promise: African heritage and local craftsmanship have been used to create each unique hand-rolled bead!
A heart-warming and uplifting story >

Unlike so many products that come off the factory line, these unique chandeliers have a human story that will warm your heart. They’re lovingly created by a community of women in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, where these women sit outside in the sun, rolling, talking and singing together!

Each clay bead is hand rolled using raw clay, then they are sun dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed. The f&f range are then strung masterfully onto their unique iron frames. This handmade process ensures that no two pieces will ever be the same.

The clay beaded pieces were initially crafted by local women whose lives had been impacted by HIV and so desperately needed an income to support their families. Today, there are now over 65 dedicated women rolling beads and creating their own masterpieces, which now hang in gorgeous homes all around the world, with the bulk of the team’s earnings going towards schooling, clothing and feeding their children.

Now you can be part of the story too....

How? You can contribute to this community, by owning your very own unique masterpiece, with four chandelier styles to choose from, each with it's own character and style, colour and textures. Learn more about our range below.......

The Sash Chandelier

The Sash is a modern chandelier with a classic style. An extension to the L.I.M chandelier, but with the added detail of a top band and belly band that accentuates the line and length of the clay beaded chandelier. The Sash is one of our most popular chandeliers and is a favourite amongst those who are having a hard choice between modern and classic style lighting.

The L.I.M Chandelier

The L.I.M is our most minimal clay beaded chandelier, for those who prefer modern pendant lighting and clean lines. With each bead hand rolled, kiln fired, then dip dyed before being strung onto a wrought iron frame, this design is a true statement piece. Handmade in Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu Natal.

The Dome Chandelier

Looking for statement lighting that is perfectly on trend? Look no further than the Dome Chandelier.... This new design is modern, cool and anything but a chandelier. Its simple shape exudes warmth to any interior decor.
With each bead hand rolled, kiln fired, then dip dyed before being strung onto a wrought iron frame, this minimal design is suited to those who prefer a clean, modern aesthetic.

The Lace Chandelier

A finer, more open design to perfectly entwine your room together. In collaboration with Melbourne based interiors stylist Jacqui Moore of Moore Concepts, the NEW Lace design is elegant and refined for those seeking a sophisticated modern chandelier.