Leather-Upholstered Sofas
Leather is a natural material characterised by its unique tone and the individual markings the animal acquired during its life.

These characteristics may include creases, stretchmarks, scars, insect bites, as well as brand marks. Different sections of the hide will also have differences in colour and grain.

Important to note:

These are not product defects. We do not hide or cover up these marks but choose to celebrate the unique qualities of each hide.

Leather will wear and stretch with use. The larger the panel of leather, the more pronounced this stretch will be. It will show up as wrinkles or dents on the surface of your sofa.

Regular use will affect the appearance and colour of the leather. Over time, it will develop its own unique patina.

How to care for leather-upholstered sofas:

• Carefully follow the general care instructions for sofas.
• Do not use artificial heat or harsh sunlight to dry leather furniture. This will cause the leather to become dry and crack.
• Our leathers do not require any hide food.

Our sofas are made by hand from start to finish. While the frames, foam and panels are measured and cut using standard templates, height and structural differences occur during the upholstering process.

Important to note:

Exposure to sunlight, UV and heat can cause fading, discolouration and damage to the upholstery.

Cushion fillings settle, and foam seats soften over time. Regular maintenance, not sitting on the front of the sofa, and avoiding overuse of the same area on the sofa will minimise this effect.

How to care for sofas:

• Plumping and aerating the cushions and sofa structure, will help keep the sofa in shape by redistributing shifted filling and smoothing the padding.
• If possible, reverse and rotate your cushions regularly.
• With dressing, you can re-adjust seams and nudge them back into place.
• Daily dressing will have a lasting impact on the longevity of your purchase.
• Blot spills immediately. Avoid rubbing on the spill, this will worsen the problem. Contact our recommended specialist cleaners.
• Do not use any harsh detergents or cleaning agents. Only use a slightly damp cloth.
• Dust acts as a corrosive, damaging the sofa over time. Regular dusting or light vacuuming will prolong the product’s lifespan.
• Annual professional cleaning is recommended. Contact your nearest Weyalndts store for details.
• Do not put slip covers in the washing machine. Rather have them professionally cleaned while keeping them on the frame.
• Fabritect can be applied to upholstery. This is an invisible, protective coating that forms a repellent barrier against spills and soils. It does not alter the look or feel of fabric/leather at all.