Tahndi - Long Necklace / Organic Bottom

Charcoal / Gold
Stone / Gold
Grey / Gold
Pale Seaspray / Silver


Drawing on African heritage and craftsmanship, each bead that makes up Tahndi's Necklace is hand rolled by the women of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Using raw clay, the beads are sun dried, kiln fired and dip dyed ensuring no two are the same.

Adding further magic to these meaningful beads is Elodie Darwish of élodie jewellery, an Australian Jewellery Designer who is fascinated by the beauty of imperfection. élodie works predominantly by hand in both precious and non-precious metals, creating pieces which are expressive, organic and always evolving.

Tahndi's Necklace can be worn two ways: long or doubled over. The secret magnetic clasp allows you to fold the piece without stretching it over your head.

Metal components are made from gold plated or sterling silver plated brass. 

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* Please remember your beads won’t be perfect circles and the colours will vary slightly. Because the beads are porous, some will absorb the dye more than others creating a textured look we adore. 

    Care Guide

    • Open the secret magnetic clasp by gently gripping either side and avoid pulling the string of beads.
    • When not in use, lay your handmade jewellery flat in its box to maintain shape, minimise stretch and reduce exposure to moisture and dust.
    • Take great care when handling your beads as they are made from natural materials that are porous.
    • Exposure to air can cause the metal to tarnish. To restore shine, gently rub the surface with a soft polishing cloth.

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      Handmade in Africa, made for the world

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